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Google launches new disavow tool

by seoservices on October 21, 2012

The latest news to hit the SEO industry this week is that Google has officially launched its disavow tool.

What is the disavow tool?

One of the many metrics that Google uses to rank websites is how many links your site has pointing to it and also the quality of those links. So, if your site has spammy links pointing to it, then it can be very harmful to your rankings. The latest Google updates (Panda and Penguin) really highlighted this fact.

This new link disavow tool gives webmasters the ability to communicate with Google and identify which specific links that are pointing to them are spam. Google will then ignore them in the ranking of your site.

Webmasters login to their webmaster tools account, see which spam links are pointing to them, and then submit them to Google.

Who would use this tool?

In my opinion, I would use this very cautiously. In fact, I would strongly urge people who do decide to use it, to be sure that they know exactly what they are doing and what it is ‘saying’ to Google. If you have not received a webmaster warning from Google, then I would most definitely not use this tool.

Thoughts on this disavow tool?

Effectively, it is the best spam reporting tool Google has launched to date. What Google have done, is crowdsourced the collection of spam data. Quite a genius move in my opinion.

Here is a video by Matt Cutts explaining this tool in 10 minutes.

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