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We apply best practice principles and methodologies to help you get to the top of the search engines, and stay there.

Whether you represent a large company that wants to capture market share in a competitive market or you are a small business owner who wants to grow their business online, we have a search engine optimisation solution available to suit your business needs.

We break down the process into the following steps:

  1. Identification of Keywords
  2. On Page Optimization
  3. Website Analytics and Tracking
  4. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  5. White Hat Linkbuilding
  6. Social Media Engagement
  7. Blog Content Marketing

1. Identification of Keywords

Keyword analysis forms the basis of a well targeted search engine marketing campaign and is performed in two steps.

     a) Competitor Analysis

b) Identification of primary and secondary keyword phrases

competitor analysis SEO Services

a) Competitor Analysis

Competitor research and analysis is a crucial step in determining the best keywords to target for a specific industry.

We use sophisticated tools to identify the top converting keywords for an industry by analysing the top competitors.


b) Identification of primary and secondary keyword phrases

Each online marketing campaign has 2 sets of target keyword phrases, primary and secondary.

The primary terms have approximately 3-8 keyword phrases with higher traffic volumes and higher competition. The secondary terms are a larger set of 30-60 keyword phrases with less traffic volume and lower competition.


2. On Page Optimisation

On page search engine optimisation plays an important role in search engine visibility. Proper on page optimisation analysis is performed in 2 steps:

a) On Page Analysis

b) Site Implementation

a) On Page analysis

There are many elements on a webpage which can influence its search engine rankings.onpage optimisation SEO Services

We make sure the following important elements are properly used: title tag, header tag, image optimisation, meta descriptions, 301 redirections where necessary, and site architecture and usability

b) Site Implementation

After the On Page analysis is performed, we make the necessary adjustments for each page.

Where necessary, we also implement proper site architecture. Effective site architecture must have a hierarchy which matches the keyword research performed in the previous stage.


3. Website Analytics and Tracking

Website Analytics

For clients who do not have any tracking software installed, we will install Google Analytics so that each page can be analysed and tracked.

For clients who do have tracking software already installed, we analyse the following elements:

  • Traffic sources
  • Demographics
  • Content:


Analysis and tracking of these factors allows us to get a better understanding of how a visitor gets to a clients website, and equally importantly, what they do once they get there.


4. Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about getting more customers without having to spend an extra cent on advertising. It is about making the most out of the traffic to a website and understanding what visitors do whilst on a website. The analytics data is used to perform this analysis.

We also custom build multiple landing pages, then A-B split test them, then tweak further for optimal results.


5. White Hat Linkbuilding

Analysis of link profilewhite hat linkbuilding 300x215 SEO Services

We have sophisticated tools which we use to analyse a clients and their competitors existing link profile. This gives us a good idea of the next steps needed to be take n in order to improve a clients ranking.

Panda and Penguin safe linkbuilding

The most recent Google algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin) have highlighted the importance of white hat link building. We only use white hat linkbuilding techniques by giving Google what they want: quality content and quality links.

6. Social Media Engagement

social media engagement SEO Services

Social media signals are increasingly becoming an important component to search engine optimisation. It is important to have content Facebook ‘liked’, tweeted, and pinned on a Pinterest board. We ensure every clients’ website have all the relevant tools installed to make it easy for their website visitors to do so.

7. Blog Content Marketing

Having fresh content through a blog is an important piece of the SEO puzzle.

For all our clients, we perform the following:blog content marketing SEO Services

  1. Install WordPress as the preferred blog platform
  2. Have a team of writers who write 300-500 word articles. These articles add to the organic search engine rankings by ranking for hundreds of ‘long tail keyword’ phrases.
  3. Each article has a strong call to action, designed to promote key landing pages on a website.


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