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SEO Audit

A SEO audit is like performing an overall health check on your website. It is a great way to get an overall picture of what is going on with your website by looking at on page and off page search engine optimisation factors.

Why do a SEO Audit?

Conducting an SEO audit is so important as it can tell you if there are any issues on your site as well as what to do in the future.

Our SEO team will analyse your website, find ways to make it more search-engine friendly, and increase the amount of buying traffic it receives.

The SEO audit covers the various components:

On Page Optimisation


The biggest mistake made by clients is choosing the wrong keywords. What do I mean by the wrong keywords? Keywords which either have no traffic whatsoever and therefore your site will never be found, or the keywords chosen are way too competitive and therefore your site has no chance of getting close to the top. Keyword selection is a thorough process.

  • What keywords are chosen?
  • Are pages optimised for these keywords?
  • Are there better keywords to be chosen?
  • Are title tags being used? Are they more than 10 words / 70 characters?
  • Are meta descriptions being used?


These days, content plays are huge role to a sites overall effectiveness. We look for the following factors in assessing the content on a website:

  • Does the site have enough content?
  • Does the site excessively use their chosen keyword?
  • Are there any links in the content to promote target pages?
  • When was the last time content was added?
  • Does it provide value to their readers?
  • Are <h1>, <h2> etc tags being used?

Site and URL Structure

Poor site URL site structure plays a significant role in poor search engine rankings and even more so post the Google Panda update. Therefore questions asked here are:

  • Are proper permalinks being chosen?
  • Is a silo structure implemented and reflected in the URL structure? That is, are category and sub category pages being used?
  • Are there links to the homepage?
  • Are breadcrumbs being used?

Technical Components

Covered here are any technical issues which may be preventing a site from being crawled.

  • Has a sitemap and robots.txt file been uploaded
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Is there malware on the site?

Social Media Engagement

Social media is playing a larger role in rankings and it is only going to continue to increase. So, make sure you have that box ticked.

  • Does your site have social media sharing buttons on every page?
  • Does your site have a Facebook page, Twitter account and Google + account?

Off Page Optimisation

Inbound Links

This is the off page search engine optimisation component. In the wake of Google’s latest updates, you can be penalised for low quality inbound links, so it is a necessary component to the SEO audit. In extreme cases, the Google disavow tool may need to be used, but that is only in extreme cases and to be used with extreme caution. See the advice of a professional before embarking on this.

We look at the following components:

  • Number of links and number of root domains linking to the main domain
  • Page authority and domain authority of those links.
  • Anchor text diversification
  • Do the links appear ‘natural’?

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